Globe Online Mobile Games Promo – For only 15, 20, 50 to 99 Pesos

Enjoy your favorite online mobile game apps when you register to Globe Games promo. You can choose your validity period based on your budget. The package starts at Php 15 to 99 pesos.
If you’re playing one of the latest online games on your mobile phone, Globe has a promo that you can use to register using your prepaid account.
You’ll have an option to subscribe to it for a day, week and up to 30 days or 1-month. The promo includes the list of apps that you use while enrolled to this game package. With this offer, you can enjoy your favorite mobile games and play it anytime you wanted.
You can choose the validity depending on your budget. Their promo price starts at 15 pesos per day, P20 for 2 days, Php50 for the 1 - week and 99 pesos a month.
Globe Online Games Promo

How to Register Globe Online Game Apps Promo

Note: To register these game offers you need to send the keyword to 8080. Just reload your account in the amount or package you wanted to subscribe. Of course you need to check first if your desired app is included in the promo bundles before you register to this promo. We’ll provide the details below as your reference in case you’re interested.

List of online mobile games included on this promo:
Clash of Clans (COC)
Clash Royale
Marvel Contest of Champions
Boom Beach
Hay Day
Candy Crush Saga / Soda
Summoner’s War
Soul Seeker
Dungeon Hunter
Brave Frontier

Here’s the keyword you can use to register:
Price: 15 pesos
Data Allocation: 100MB
Keyword: GAMES15 send to 8080
Valid: 1 day
Price: 20 pesos
Data Allocation: 100MB
Keyword: GAMES20 send to 8080
Valid: 2 days
Price: 50 pesos
Data Allocation: 300MB
Keyword: GAMES50 send to 8080
Valid: 7 days
Price: 99 pesos
Data Allocation: 300MB
Keyword: GAMES99 send to 8080
Valid: 30 days
Globe Online Games
After you text the keyword wait for Globe’s confirmation or message notification that your games promo is active and ready to use. Do note that only the apps included can access the internet. Just turn on your mobile data to start using the promo. If you have questions and queries about this offer, you can always call the Globe’s hotline using your mobile phone or landline. For more update you can check out more Globe Games Promo source as your reference.


  1. latest mobile game? whatabout Mobile legend? I registered to it cause I thought its open for all online games ...

  2. 300mb lang ba yung games99


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