April 22, 2017

Talk N Text ST10 Super Talk 10 – Unli Tri-net Call and FB for 10 Pesos

Here’s a new Talk N Text unlimited call promo that you can register, for only 10 pesos you can enjoy unli call to tri-net (Smart, Sun Cellular and TNT) valid for 1 day.
This new offer is called Super Talk 10 or ST10. It gives more than the usual call packages, also lets you enjoy all day internet access to Facebook and FB Messenger. You can connect to online friends and call them at the same time in a single promo registration.
The TNT ST10 also gives you additional 50 text to all networks so you don’t miss any communications with your friends and love ones even if they are using other networks.
ST10 Super Talk 10

How to Register TNT S10 Promo – 10 Pesos for 1 day

To enjoy Super Talk 10, you need to reload your account with the amount of 10 pesos before you can enroll to this promo. Use the correct keyword format, then send the code to given access number. You may find below details as your reference in case you’re interested to subscribe to Talk N Text ST10.

Just text ST10 send to 4545

1 day unli call to TNT/Smart/Sun
All-day FB & Messenger
50 texts to all networks
 Valid for 1 day
Only 10 pesos

For 15 pesos unlimited call and text try UTP15, valid for 2 days.

If you want to more TNT offers, do check out other available Talk N Text Promo that you can try.

Here's the sample alert message:
"Tropa Exclusive para sa'yo: TNT Super Talk
10! May 1day unlicall to TNT/Smart/Sun +all-
day FB & Messenger +50 texts to all for P10!
Text ST10 to 4545. DTI2872."

After a successful registration, you will receive a notification from TNT that you’re ready to the Super Talk 10 or ST10 promo. We are not sure if it’s available nationwide, you can comment below and give us feedback if you were able to subscribe to this promo on your location. Some subscribers also received an alert message about this offer.

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