Talk N Text CHOOSE up to 3 Apps Promo - 20 Pesos Valid for 3 Days

Enjoy Talk N Text CHOOSE promo, a customizable app package that enables TNT subscribers to access up to 3 Babad apps for 3 days for only 20 pesos (200MB per app, per day).
Do you want to play your favorite online mobile games, chat with your friends, know what’s trending on social media sites and even stream latest videos?
With Talk N Text CHOOSE your Tropa Apps, you can enjoy up to 3 mobile apps that you can use to connect to the internet in a single promo package. Sounds very affordable right? You can customize and select 3 of your favorite apps combination, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Legends, COC and more for only 20 pesos.
TNT subscribers may choose 3 existing Tropa Apps available. This offer is available nationwide and concurrent registration to other promos is allowed.
TNT CHOOSE 3 Apps Promo
3 apps, 200MB per day

How to Register TNT CHOOSE Your Tropa Apps

Registration is very simple, you need to reload your prepaid account with 20 pesos regular load to enjoy 3 days internet access on the app of your choice. To register, subscriber must text the keyword to the access number in the correct format. Please see details below as your reference on how to enroll in this TNT offer.

Just texts CHOOSE [space] (appkeyword)/(appkeyword)/(appkeyword) then send to 3533

Sample format:
CHOOSE FB/ML/COC and send to 3533

3 Babad apps of your choice
200MB per app, per day
Only 20 pesos
Valid for 3 days

After you successfully register, a notification message is sent to your mobile number saying that your promo is now active and ready to use.  You can also text CHOOSE then send to 4545 to know more details about this offers or visit TNT Choose your tropa app page  for frequently ask questions and other information.