Smart Load Protect – How to Turn ON and OFF this Feature

The Smart Load Protect feature lets you connect to the internet and use data related promo without worrying of unwanted data charges.
When you register your prepaid account to any Smart data, call and text promo and you’re worried about the extra regular load or remaining balance, you can make use of LOAD PROTECT feature to avoid unwanted charges.
This feature is the answer to “kain load’, it protects you from load deduction when you accidentally turned on your mobile data or background app is running on your phone.
You can browse without worries using Smart, this also gives an advantage to subscribers especial more of promos nowadays are limited and after you fully consume your data allowance, you’ll have this option to turn on or off if you want to browse at regular rate.
Smart Load Protect

How to use Smart Load Protect Feature

You can activate and deactivate this feature easily, you can do it via SMS format or do it using your Smart Bro dashboard by opening your internet browser. You can follow the format and steps to use Smart Load Protect service.

Just text LOAD PROTECT ON to 9999 – protect your extra
 LOAD PROTECT OFF to 9999 – start browsing using your extra load or regular rate

You can also use your Smart dashboard using your default browsing, just access then click on your account and look for load protect on and off switch.

As an update of this feature, Smart permanently enables LOAD PROTECT by default, so you don’t need to do the above steps anymore. If you have extra load above 5 pesos, Smart will not let you connect to the internet unless you register for their lowest data package browsing rates in Bigbytes promos. In short, this feature is no longer available.