Talk N Text SC30 Super Combo 30 – 3 Days Unlitext to All + Free FB

Register to Talk N Text TNT SC30 unlimited text all networks, super combo 30 pesos promo valid for 3 days.
You want to text all your friends and love ones without worrying what network they are using?
With Talk N Text, you can register for their latest unlimited text to all networks promo for only 30 pesos valid up 3 days.  The new TNT Super Combo SC30 promo for 2017 also gives you minutes of call that you can use to contact subscribers from Smart and Sun Cellular.
Another plus with this combo is that you can use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Viber and even play mobile games like Clash of Clans.
TNT SC30 Super Combo

How to Register TNT SC30 Promo for 30 Pesos

To subscribe you can use the keyword for this super combo promo then send to TNT access number. Make sure you have enough regular load balance on your account before you register. You can also ask your retailer if it’s available on their load menu to directly reload it your mobile number. If your prefer SMS, check out below.

Text SC30 to 4545
Package includes:
Unlimited text to all networks
100 minutes call to Smart, TNT and Sun
100MB mobile internet for your favorite app (FB, Twitter, COC, Youtube, Viber and more)
Price: 30 pesos
Valid for 3 days up to *365x days
Cheaper option: TNT SC20

Load via retailer:
Just text SC30 Customer Mobile # then send to 4505

What makes it more valueable for prepaid subscribers is the added TNT Extend Promo, where you can enjoy SC30 for another more days at a very friendly price on the same services offered. If you want 5-days unlitext to all networks try UAT30. You can watch for the latest TV commercial airing soon on your favorite channels.


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