How to Use HTTP Injector for Android Using Import .Ehi Config File Setup

Steps on how to run and use HTTP Injector for Android using .ehi import file configuration settings.
Another Android VPN app that you can use along with your mobile internet called HTTP Injector is popular this day.
This application supports SSH/Proxy and can unblock websites that are filtered by your network provider’s firewall. Just can download it on Google Play Store then install it on your phone.
HTTP Injector is for advanced users who has more knowledge on how mobile VPN internet works. The app includes useful tools like IP Hunter, Host Checker, Tethering Unlock, Payload generator, IP Checker and more that helps you start your own configuration.
HTTP Injector Config
HTTP Injector Import Config .Ehi File

HTTP Injector  Settings using Import .ehi Config File

Running this app is not easy for beginners or normal users as it requires basic networking background unless you have working .ehi config ready to be imported.  The only best option and no hassle setup when using HTTP injector is by Import Config option, just download the EHI file on your phone the browse and click the import option.

Download the latest version of HTTP Injectorvia PlayStore and install
Working .EHI file – Needed in Import Config

  1. Open HTTP Injector app
  2. Turn on your Mobile data internet (***use correct APN)
  3. On the upper right of Home tab, click on file icon the select ‘Import config’.
  4. Browse and select the .ehi file on your phone to import.
  5. Don’t forget to check Google DNS
  6. Click Start to run the config on HTTP Injector
  7. Wait for the connected notification. (You can check the status on Log tab)
  8. That’s, Open your browser and enjoy browsing.

HTTP Injector Working Config

***APN Settings:
Smart / TNT – internet
Globe / TM – / myGlobeConnect
Sun Cellular – wap / minternet

HTTP Injector also works on other countries and telcos e.g. Indonesia (Indosat, Telkomsel, and Axis), Malaysia (Maxis, TM Touch), Brazil, Nepal and more.

For those who want an ad-free version and more features for a lifetime you can purchase HTTP Injector Pro, just reload your account and bill it to Telco account or via card.
HTTP Injector Pro

The good with HTTP Injector is that it works with both non-rooted and rooted Android phones. If you’re knowledgeable enough on networking you can also create .ehi config file using the Payload Generator option. Just input details needed like URL/Host, request and injection method, front and back query, online host and other fields before you click generate button. You can share your working configuration file using the export option, then lock it to secure and prevent from editing.