Touch Mobile 5 days Facebook FB50 Promo + Unlimited Text to All Networks

TM's unlimited text to all networks promo with free Facebook access when you register to FB50 promo valid for 5 days.
You want unlimited text to all networks? Always active on Facebook? Here’s a promo that you can use to cater you texting and FB needs, the new Touch Mobile FB50 promo now lets you enjoy both for only 50 pesos up to 5 days.
Post status, share moments, upload photos, chat using messenger, watch funny videos and text your friends the whole weekdays using this promo.
This is available to all TM prepaid subscribers from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. All you have to do is maintain P1 load balance on your account while registered to this promo.

How to Register TM Facebook for 50 Pesos

To use the free Facebook data included, you need to install the app on your smartphone or use your default mobile browser. After registering, just turn on your mobile data button, then open the app to enjoy browsing on FB. Just use the keyword or code provided below if you want to register to this promo.

To register:
Just text FB50 to 8080
500MB data for Facebook
Unli-text to all networks (Smart, Globe, Talk N text, Sun Cellular etc.)
Price: 50 pesos
Validity: 5 days

If you want cheaper, you can try and check out TM FB30 Promo.

You should be wise in using this promo as it’s not unlimited, with 500MB of Facebook you consume 100MB per day to make it last for 5 days. Make sure to turn off your running background apps to avoid conflict and problems while using the free Facebook data on FB50 promo.