TM TipiDD 30 - International IDD Minutes Call Promo for 30 Pesos

Call your love ones abroad using Touch Mobile's Tipid IDD30 call promo for only 30 pesos.
Using your Touch Mobile SIM you can now surprise your love ones abroad at a very cheap IDD call rates.
For only 30 pesos load on your TM prepaid account, you can now call abroad to countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Japan, Bahrain, Australia, Italy and UK valid for 1 day. 
If they missed calling you here in the Philippines due to their busy work abroad, this TM T30 IDD call promo is the best option you can register to contact them using your phone.
TM TipiDD 30

How to Register Touch Mobile Tipid IDD 30 Pesos Promo

You only need 30 pesos to register, no need for maintaining balance to continue using this promo. Once registered, wait for the confirmation message sent to your mobile number that says you can now start calling. Use the keyword below to enroll IDD international call promo.

Just text T30 send to 8080

4 IDD minutes call
Price: 30 pesos
Validity: 1 day
Countries covered: UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Australia, Italy and United Kingdom

How to call abroad using TM TipIDD Promo

Just dial 00(country code)+(mobile or landline number) 
Sample format (calling to UAE): 0097112345678

To know the remaining minutes of call or balance on this promo, just text the keyword format TM TIPIDD BAL send to 8080 for free. Once you already consumed the 4 minutes voice call, regular IDD rate will apply to continue calling.