How to Upload HD Photos and Videos in Facebook using Mobile App

Upload your HD photos and Videos using mobile Facebook app for Android and iOS.
If you’re wondering why your HD photos gets blurry and little bit low resolution when you upload it on Facebook using the mobile app for Android and iPhone or iOS device, this post may answer you why that is happening.
This issue only happens on mobile users as options for uploading HD pictures is more complex. By default, Facebook settings are configured to upload compressed files to lessen storage space and for faster loading on your home feeds page.
Upload HD Photos Facebook Mobile

For you to use this feature, make sure that you’re using the latest version of FB app, just go to Google Playstore or iTunes App Store then tap the update button to download and install.

Settings to Upload HD Pictures and Videos on Facebook

By turning the HD upload option you can now share more improved image and video quality with friends and love ones on Facebook. This feature was previously available only for computer or PC users and now it’s already rolled out to smartphone users who uses their camera phone to capture shareable moments online.

  1. Open your Facebook app for Android and iOS, then log-in your account.
  2. On you Home feeds, go to More tab (3 horizontal lines) to see more options.
  3. Scroll down to App Settings
    Upload HD Pictures and Videos on Facebook
  4. On General Settings, turn on both Upload Photos / Videos in HD by swiping the button.

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In the settings menu, you can also configure how the videos on your feeds behave while using mobile cellular data or Wi-Fi internet connectivity. You can set it to auto play or stop playing videos as you scroll down on your Facebook feeds. Do note also that upload HD files may take time and can consume more bandwidth which is not a good idea for those who are on a limited data plan.