How to Save Mobile Data by Restricting Background Apps from Running

Reduce your mobile data usage by simply turning on or enabling the restrict background data on phone settings.
If you own a smartphone or tablet, you may be secretly wasting your mobile data, especially Android every time you turn on your data connection.
The reason is some installed apps are running in the background without your knowledge that automatically connects to the internet. This is actually a feature in Android that lets you get updated on important things and task you throw on your phone.
Like for example your emails, chat apps, Facebook, anti-virus and more, these apps surely runs in the background. You may not need all of those to run when you connect and use your mobile internet if you’re on a limited or volume based browsing plan from your wireless network provider.
Restrict App Background Data in Android

How to Restrict App Data Usage in Android

Restricting you background apps data not only saves your mobile data, but also helps free up processes of the running on your phone. You can achieve this by simply restricting individual apps based on your needs and lifestyle. See few simple instructions to do it on your Android smartphone and tablet.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for Data Usage.
  • On Data Usage, locate your mobile network tab (SIM name).
  • Scroll down to see list of apps with corresponding usage.
  • Tap the app you want to restrict, locate ‘Restrict app background data’ or any related terms.
  • Toggle or swipe the button to turn on.

Restrict App Data Usage

That’s it, you can do the same steps again if you have more apps to restrict while using mobile data. You can also restrict all by going to more options button then tap ‘Restrict All’ or you can also select networks to prevent applications from running in the background. Steps may differ per smartphone brand (e.g. Samsung, Lenovo, Cherry Mobile, Sony, LG, MyPhone, Xiaomi, OnePlus, HTC and more), but the idea on how and where to do it is almost the same. You just need to familiarize the features and settings of your device to achieve this concept of restricting data access to save the mobile date especially if you always register to the limited internet promos.