How to Remove or Deactivate Sun Cellular 'R' Roaming Signal Icon

If your Sun Cellular roaming "R" signal icon is activated, you can remove it by following these steps.
As Sun Cellular becomes a part of Smart network, all subscribers can now connect or use their network to boost its signal and speed up mobile internet browsing.
On some cases, both prepaid and postpaid users are noticing letter ‘R’ beside the signal icon even if they turned off the data roaming. This may be annoying if you don’t know how to deactivate this service on your phone.
Do note that the roaming option can help boost your network as you can connect to Smart cell tower while Sun signal is weak on your location.
Sun Cellular Roaming R icon

How to Remove Roaming Icon While Using Sun Cellular Network

When your signal is "R", it indicates that you are using the domestic network roaming. The purpose of this is to acquire the signal of Smart to have a better coverage in your area. If you wish to remove ‘R’ or deactivate your domestic roaming, you can follow these steps.
  1. On your phone, go to Settings.
  2. Click on More, More networks (depends on mobile brand and Android OS)
  3. Go to Mobile networks
  4. On Data Roaming, uncheck, swipe to turn off this feature.
  5. Go to Network operators
  6. Do a manual search for available networks, this may take a few minutes on searching.
  7. Select Sun Cellular to register on the network in the list of results.
  8. Reboot your phone and you’re done.
If the issue still occurs, you can call Sun Cellular hotline for customer support and assistance over the line. If you’re using mobile data, data roaming is useful for Sun Cellular users to acquire better internet speed from Smart network that already offers 3G/4G/LTE signal.