How to Register ABS-CBN TV Plus to KBO30 and Super KBO99

Register to SUPER KBO 99 and KBO30 to watch your favorites movies on your ABS CBN TV Plus, Sky Cable and Direct box.
You can now watch your favorite Kapamilya Box Office both local and Hollywood movies right thru your ABS CBN TV Plus box.
For only 99 pesos you can subscribe to SUPERKBO99 which is especially offered during weekends. They also offer SUPERKBO30 that cost 30 pesos to enjoy the same exclusive contents monthly. This offer is also available to Sky Cable and Sky Direct subscribers, just follow the subscription method below.
Prior to registration you need to know a few details like airing date, TVPlus box ID, promo and title code. 

SuperKBO99 and KBO30

KBO30 and Super KBO 99 Registration Mechanics

You can use your prepaid and postpaid ABS CBN Mobile SIM card to register or activate SUPER KBO 99 and 30 pay per view offers. For mechanics, check out the details below for your reference.

For ABS CBN Mobile prepaid and postpaid:

You need to load 30 or 99 pesos depending on your offer that you are trying to avail. For postpaid your need to have sufficient load balance on your account to successfully register to SUPERKBO.

  1. Load your ABS CBN Mobile SIM (comes free on your TV Plus) on your nearest load retailer via AutoloadMax and LoadXtreme (LX OTA).
  2. For KBO30 just text KBO30 (airing date) (TVplus box ID) and send to 2366. (Example format: KBO30 JULY16 789XYZ1)
  3. For KBO99 text SUPERKBO99 (title code) (TVplus box ID) to 2366. (Example format: SUPERKBO99 H2BU 789XYZ1)

For Sky Cable and SkyDirect users:
  1. SkyDirect registration format: Text SUPERKBO99 [space] H2BU [space] [BOX ID] to 23667
  2. Sky Cable registration format: Text SUPERKBO99 [space] [9-digit account number] to 23662

How to Check your TVPlus Black Box ID:

On your TV Plus remote, press ‘Menu’ then go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Box ID’ to know your ID digits.