How to Make a Video Call on WhatsApp using your Android Phone

You can now start a video call with WhatsApp in just a few clicks using your Android phone.
With the latest version of WhatsApp application you can now start a video call session just like Google Duo, Skype, Messenger and other applications.
This new rollout feature is already downloadable on some countries and soon be available to all. If you already have this app installed on your Android or iOS phone, just head to your respective app store and hit the update button.
Video calling on WhatsApp is still in beta stage, if your app is updated to Version: 2.16.355 this feature is ready to use but still expect new updates soon.
WhatsApp Video Call

Start a Video Call Option on WhatsApp Messenger

Once you have successfully updated the application, every time you press the call button you will now be prompted by voice or video call option. If you’re in a group chat, tapping the any name on the chat box also give additional message option. You can also move your profile picture to any place of the screen while you’re engaged in a video call.

Update WhatsApp:

  1. Open Play Store on your Android phone
  2. Search for WhatsApp
  3. Tap and click update

To start video calling with WhatsApp on your Android phone:

  1. Connect to the internet and open the app.
  2. Go to Contacts tab, select the person you are trying to call.
  3. Tap the Call button on the upper right.
  4. Select Video call option to start video calling.

The above steps may slightly change as soon as WhatsApp update this application.