Globe Broadband VPI/VCI Settings - Modem's Default Value

Input the correct Globe Telecom VPI/VCI settings value on your DSL broadband modem.
VPI (Virtual Path Identifier) and VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier) plays an important role on your internet connection.
If your DSL or broadband internet service provider is Globe Telecom you can see these options on your modem or router settings. Each Telco may differ on VPI/VCI setting's value so it’s important to enter the right number.

The settings usually found on your ADSL WAN configuration associated with the term “Encapsulation” with values like an LLC, VC-MUX, PPPoA, PPPoE and other fields found on your modem. This parameter is needed when you need to add or modify the WAN interface table on the setup page.
Globe VPI/VCI Settings

Globe DSL Value for VPI/VCI Settings Page

If your modem is Prolink, you need to login to your router admin page to input and setup numbers on VPI/VCI fields. Before you proceed to editing or creating a new interface, make sure you know what you are doing to avoid problems with your internet connection. You can check the default value for VPI/VCI found on Globe home broadband below.

Internet ProviderVPI ValueVCI Value
Globe Telecom035

Above details may work on other modems used by Globe like Aztech and on your personal purchased device. Make sure you know the other information from your Globe account like username, password, static IP, DHCP, PPPoE and more depending on the plan you applied.