TM (Touch Mobile) POGO2 1 day Pokemon Go Promo for only 2 Pesos

Register to TM prepaid latest Pokemon Go promo valid for 1-day, only 2 pesos. Send the keyword to 8080 to subscribe.
When your TM free Pokemon Go access is about to end, here an alternative promo that you can register to continue playing the game.
With Touch Mobile promo, you can enjoy another whole day hunting your favorite Pokemon, save stardust, collect Poke coins, earn more candy, battle gyms and level up your high CP buddy. 

TM Pokemon Promo

Continue your journey by using this TM promo which will only cost you 2 pesos valid for 1 day internet dedicated to the Pokémon Go app.

How to Register TM Pokemon Go Promo for 1 day

Registration is pretty quick, you can easily remember the keyword and code, then send to the TM prepaid access number 8080 or 8888. For 1-day Pokemon Go app only internet access, please follow the format below.

Just text POGO2 to 8080

10MB data for Pokémon Go (Android, iOS app)
Valid for 1 day
Only 2 pesos

Please note also that that send 8888 will be no longer available soon to Globe and TM subscribers. For future promos you need to send it to 8080 to avoid inconvenience and problems during SMS registration.

Be sure to turn on your GPS or Location services on your phone before running the Pokemon Go app to avoid errors like GPS signal not found. Turn on your TM mobile data by going to Settings then mobile networks, if available you can prefer 3G/4G/LTE connectivity instead of GSM only. Be sure to turn on the battery saver option on the game app by pressing Settings.