Talk N Text 3 days YouTube Access Promo for only 10 Pesos

TNT offers YouTube internet streaming promo for only 10 pesos good for 3 days, just text the keyword to register.
You can stream on YouTube using your Talk n Text (TNT) prepaid SIM card for only 10 pesos.
Browse on trending videos and subscribe to channels that you like right on your smartphone while you’re travelling or alone at home. This promo is good for 3 days, so you can receive more updates on music videos, tutorial, news and other content.  

The YouTube10 is part of a social media app bundle listed on TNT Babad Apps Promo where other applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Clash of clans and more cost you only P10 access per app.
TNT Youtube Promo

How to Register TNT YouTube10 Promo for 3 Days

Before you register to this promo, it would be better to have the YouTube app installed on your Android, iOS iPhone, Windows phone than using your mobile web browser. Just head to your App Store and download the app, make sure you register to TNT Unli Internet Surf Promo to save regular load amount on your account. Reload your mobile number with P10 to enroll in this service and maintain P1 balance to continue using within the validity period.

To register:
Just text YOUTUBE10 to 4545

Youtube streaming for 3 days
Only 10 pesos
Valid for 3 days
Up to 100MB 

To know that you are already registered to this promo, wait for the SMS confirmation, send to your mobile number that says YouTube 10 is now active and ready to use. Turn on your mobile data by going to Settings, then use the right Talk N Text access point for internet browsing to connect with cellular data. If you are having problem in connecting and using this promo you can call the Smart TNT hotline or visit their website and social media pages to know other offers and updates.


  1. But what they are not telling us is that there is a limit of 100mb? How about we should try Big10 instead? BIG10 is enclosed with 40mb of internet browsing + 200mb of youtube, iflix and others.


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