Smart Bro offers free LTE Pocket WiFi at Plan 499 with 6GB Data

Smart Bro gives more data and free LTE Pocket WiFi device when you apply for postpaid plan 499.
If you want to switch to Smart network to try their fast LTE internet, this is a good deal that you can check before you made a decision.
Smart Bro gives you a free Pocket WiFi when you apply for their postpaid plan 499 plus the monthly allocated data. Previously they only give you 3.5GB internet data monthly but now they changed it to 6GB per month that makes more interesting for a below 500 pesos data plan.

With the free LTE Pocket WiFi you may reach up to 42 Mbps if LTE network is available in your location, this is a good upgrade if you’re still using your old wireless device that only caters 3G – H+ connectivity. The Smart Bro Pocket Wifi also can share internet and lets you hook up to 10 connected wireless devices.
Smart Bro Pocket WiFi

Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi Postpaid Plan 499 with More Monthly Data

With this new plan from Smart you don’t need to spend extra cash just to get a Pocket WiFi, it’s all in one plan with more data, faster speed and LTE capability. If you want to connect to the internet while on the go and be always update online, this plan is the right fit for your lifestyle.  You will have more time to spend on social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even use your data to connect with your business and clients.

SmartBro Plan 499

Free LTE Pocket Wi-Fi
6GB monthly data
Only 499 pesos per month
Comes with iflix and Spinnr access for first 3 months
Lock-in period: 12 months
*With 80% reliability and minimum speeds of up to 256 kbps

Aside from Youtube and Spotify, you can also stream movies and music as the plan also gives free 3-months access to iFlix and Spinnr. You can do more with your 6GB monthly when you apply for Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Plan 499.

You can use the Smart Bro dashboard to monitor or check your monthly data balance on your Pocket WiFi. If you’re short with the data allocation you can also purchase an add-on right through your dashboard to regain internet access after you reach your monthly data allowance.