Windows 10 MTP Device a Service Installation Section in this INF is Invalid

Here's how to install MTP Device software driver on your Windows 10 to detect all Android portable devices plugged in to your computer.
If you have Android device and you’re trying to connect on your Windows 10 PC after you upgrade it after their anniversary update, chances are you will encounter the same error like mine.
My computer cannot detect my Android device and does not appear on devices and drives anymore. I suspect this is due to the update I made on my Windows 10 OS, I tried looking at device manager and found out that the “Portable Devices” driver is having a yellow with an exclamation point icon. I tried updating it via “Search automatically for updated software driver.” but it prompted me that “MTP Device - A service installation section in this INF is Invalid.” 

Windows 10 MTP Device Driver
I did manual driver installation and tried locating the software on its previous location, e.g.  “C:\Windows.old\Windows\INF”. This folder is generated after I did the anniversary update and this will also create when you upgrade your Windows OS, from previous version e.g. Windows 7 to Win10, Windows 8 to 10. To make it short, the folder Windows.old is the backup of your PC’s previous configuration where it works and behave in normal.

How to Update and Install MTP Device for Android on your Windows 10 Computer

This is the solution for your computer to detect all the portable Android devices plugged in so you can do the usual file transfer of your photos, videos and other important files.

Pre-requisite: Download MTP Device Driver 

  1. On your Windows 10 PC, go to Device Manager
  2. Look for Portable Devices and select MTP (or Unknown device with yellow warning icon)
  3. Right click to select Update Driver Software
  4. Select Browse my computer for driver software
  5. Browse for driver on your computer, if you downloaded the above file in Google Chrome point the location to C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads folder or to your Downloads folder.
  6. Click Next and wait for few seconds until Windows finishes the driver installation.

MTP Driver
You can also locate the MTP driver on your old Windows file location e.g. “C:\Windows.old\Windows\INF”. You can browse the INF file from there without downloading the above driver file. 


  1. Anonymous12/20/2016

    This does not work, "System cannot find file specified after inf file installation" Im suicidal and this is the last straw, this world can officially bite my arse!

  2. thanks!! worked for me.

  3. It did update the MTP driver and my phone was shown in the explorer after installing the wpdmtp.inf file. But there's nothing inside, no folders, no files, just empty when I clicked into my phone icon. Even if I checked the properties of the icon there's no disk information or any other useful things displayed. Please help on this!

  4. Thanks! Been trying to fix this problem all night. The .inf download and installation of it worked for me!

  5. Thank you, it worked for me.

  6. You da hero. It works. Finally!


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