Smart offer 10 Pesos Unlimited Pokemon GO Promo for 3 days

Register to Smart UNLI Pokemon Go access promo, with your 10 pesos its already good for 3 days using the keyword send it to 9999.
We already posted the unli Pokemon GO promo for Talk N Text, this time we are posting new promo offered by Smart prepaid to continue playing this game. 
After the 30 days free play access with this game they came up with this new offer called PGO 10 promo that give unlimited Pokemon Go for only 10 pesos. The promo keyword works on both Smart and TNT network but only differs on the number where to send when you want to register this particular promo.
Smart Unli Pokemon GO Promo

How to Register Smart Unli Pokemon GO Promo

Registration is easy, all you need to do is reload your Smart account and text the keyword or code to specific number following the correct format.

Just text PGO 10 to 9999

Unli Pokemon Go App access to internet
Only 10 pesos
Valid for 3 days

If you already tried this, give us a comment below regarding your experience for others to know about this Smart PG10 internet promo. If you’re planning to buy Poke coins, Poke balls, upgrades and other items in shop, check out How to Buy Pokemon GO items using Smart.  You can also tell us the location where you caught your high level Pokemon for others to hunt and lure on that area.


  1. Anonymous9/19/2016

    I tried this promo but my pokemon go wont load any special settings on this promo?

  2. Everytime I open my data connection and open my Pokemon Go, my data connection automatically turns off and the my Pokemkon Go notif me that there is no internet connectivity. For now Globe sim works. Please fix this


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