Smart Internet SurfMaxPlus 50 1-day, 299 7-days and 995 for 1-Month

If you’re using Smart LTE prepaid SIM, register to their SURFMAXPLUS promo that offers all day internet surfing on your favorite sites from 1-day, 7-days and 1 month package.
Smart has 2 variants of Surfmax promo, the other one is with “PLUS” that you can use with your prepaid LTE SIM card.
Both promo offers 3 denomination that you can use to register for daily, weekly and monthly internet promo.
SurfMaxPlus is not available to all Smart prepaid and Smart Bro subscribers, to use and avail this promo you need to buy a compatible LTE SIM. In my case, it works on LTE Smart Prepaid dual cut micro SIM that includes 35 all network texts with black “LTE” label on the upper right of the box. I also tried the promo code with Kickstart Data SIM but it prompted me invalid keyword response.
Smart SurfMax Plus

How to Register Smart SurfMax Plus Promo

SurfMaxPlus offers all day internet access designed for LTE users and LTE covered areas. You are given 800MB data per day, in my case I was not capped when I subscribed to SURFMAXPLUS 995.

You can register to this promo via online, just proceed to Smart Store website or load your account with 1000 pesos then register it using the keyword. You can also let your load retailer to register it for, just tell them your desired SurfMax Plus denomination.

SurfMaxPlus 50

Just text SURFMAXPLUS50 to 9999
Validity: 1 day
Amount: 50 pesos
All-day internet promo valid for 1 day.

SurfMaxPlus 299

Just text SURFMAXPLUS299 to 9999
Validity: 7 days
Amount: 299 pesos
7 days or 1 week LTE internet browsing

SurfMaxPlus 995

Just text SURFMAXPLUS995 to 9999
Validity: 30 days
Price: Php 995
30 days or 1 month all day internet surfing on your favorite websites.


The best way to use this promo is when your location is already covered with Smart LTE and make sure to use the LTE SIM card to register with Surf Max Plus promo. This will still work even on network type, e.g. 2G/3G/HSPA whichever is available.


  1. Anonymous9/27/2016

    even if i choose SURFMAXPLUS50, do you think my data will not capped?

  2. There is no Capping in Surfmaxplus995? or do i need to be a postpaid user to unlock the nocap surfing?

  3. hi no cap ba talaga ang surfmaxplus995 heavey user kasi ako

  4. surfmaxplus ba ay pag dating ng 12 midnight is na rereset ung 800mb balik 800mb ba kina bukasan


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