How to Move Your Joystick Location in Fly GPS while Playing Pokemo Go

If you're playing Pokemon Go with Fly GPS app on your Android phone, here's how to move the joystick to other screen location.
Fly GPS is popular to those who play Pokemon Go in Android platform as it will let you catch Pokemon’s without travelling and walking from your current location.
By simply using its JoyStick Location Mode you can easily travel from one place to another. The joytstick is a transparent floating button in circle shape that you can swipe in to any circular direction.  This will appear on your phone screen randomly when you run Fly GPS. 

Sometimes joystick will appear on a wrong place that may distract your phone screen that causes to block buttons, letters and other menu.  To avoid this to happen while using FlyGPS you need to move the floating button to other location.

Move Fly GPS Joystick

Steps on How to Move Floating Joystick of Fly GPS

You can move the joystick by simply dragging the floating button to any location of your phone screen. Moving it is a bit tricky at first since it needs proper placing your finger before you drag the transparent button.  Check how to, steps and tutorial on how to do it.

  1. By looking at Fly GPS floating button, there are two gray colors.
  2. Inner circle is darker gray while the second outer circle is lighter gray color.
  3. On outer circle edge, place your pointing or thumb finger to drag the joystick to other screen location. (see image illustration)


To those who use Fly GPS in playing Pokémon Go, you can update distance on joystick settings to shorter meters to avoid Pokemon app from crashing. For GPS Signal not found, make sure you have strong cellular data connection preferably 3G/4G and LTE network type.