How to Enable and Disable Mobile Network Bandwidth Limit on Android

You can disable your mobile network bandwidth limit on your Android phone while you’re on unlimited plan and enable it when you are on capped or limited data allocation.
We are aware that our telcos and internet provider nowadays mostly offers capped or limited data bandwidth consumable every month.
This is common to those who apply for wireless postpaid plan services where they get free phone with allocated bandwidth. The phone usually comes with a network SIM for you to use mobile internet while you are tied up to their plan.
Most telecommunication companies paired wireless data plan with Android phone as it’s much cheaper than iOS device. You can use your allocated monthly bandwidth for internet in that device, some offers GB’s per month other only gives MB’s per day. On that scenario when you rich daily or monthly limit your telco will throttle or capped you mobile internet data for surfing.

 Disable Mobile Network Bandwidth Limit
Data Network Limiter Android Data Usage

Good thing Android phones comes with data usage option where you can enable and disable your internet usage when you’re almost of our bandwidth. In just few steps you can tweak you mobile network limiter to warn you before you reach your allocated bandwidth plan.

Disable and Enable Mobile Network Bandwidth Limit in Android

  1. While your mobile data is turned ON, go to Settings.
  2. Select option for Data Usage
  3. Look for you Mobile Network tab to view data usage.
  4. On your Mobile Network tab you have an option to Set Cellular Data Limit.
  5. Turn on limiter by tapping the Set Cellular Data Limit button.
  6. On the data chart, you can drag the limit and warning line up and down.

From that option you can set your mobile data limit based on allocated plan bandwidth from your service provider.  You can also adjust the date when you want to start monitoring your data, options usually set by month.

To disable the limiter your easily swipe the button of Set Mobile data limit option. With this option disabled you can freely browse to the internet without any warning message, this option is recommended to those who availed unlimited internet data plan.


Do note that Android’s data monitoring may differ how your telco account your bandwidth usage while you are subscribe to any of their data services and plans.


  1. Not really a good solution.
    Ideally we want a throttled connection based on speed not usage on the most stable link we have available.
    So not limited to 64MB but instead limited down to 64kbp/s.
    And not on EDGE but instead on LTE .

    Dtac on Thailand drop back to 64kbps over LTE and this works well for Skype and WhatsApp voice calls email and Facebook messenger.


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