Globe List of Proxy Server or IP Address and Port for APN Settings

You can refer to the list of Globe proxy server address and port that you can use in your mobile phone APN to connect to the internet.
Proxy server IP and port are usually use when you create a manual APN for your mobile phone (e.g. Android, Symbian, iOS).
Where you are given an option to input those details or skip and use the default for your network. With Globe they have provided the proxy server and port way back Symbian era when you request to activate your mobile GPRS, 3G and MMS on your phone. Globe Telecom will automatically forward this setting to your phone, all you need to do is input the PIN, then it will be available on your access point profile list.

Globe Proxy Server

If you’re doing a manual configuration on your smartphone using Globe telecom network and you’re looking to input numeric proxy server IP address and port number you can see the working list we compiled. You can use them with their respective access point name (APN) for them to work. 

Globe Proxy Server and Port Number for Settings Configuration

For Symbian phones

1. Go to Menu ➤ Tools ➤ Settings ➤ Connection ➤ Access points-
➤ Options ➤ New Access point
Enter details of Proxy Server and Port number on the following parameters.

For Android phones

Accessing mobile network settings using Android 2.X versions

  1. Go to Settings
  2. On Settings, select Wireless & networks
  3. On Wireless & network settings, select Mobile networks
  4. Tap Access Point Names

Accessing mobile network settings using Android 4.X versions and higher

  • Go to Settings
  • On Settings, tap on More
  • Then tap Mobile networks then select Access Point Names

Enter details of Proxy Server and Port number on respective fields.

List of Proxy server and Port for Globe mobile network

Name: myGlobeInet
Proxy server:
Port: 80

Name: myGlobe Connect
Proxy server: 
Port: 8080

Name: myGlobeMMS
Proxy server:
Port: 8080

Make sure you use Globe will authorize proxy servers on your mobile phone to avoid inconvenience in the future. You can leave the server and port fields as default to ‘not set’ if you don’t want to use those server IP addresses.

Before doing this, make sure you know the basic configuration of your phones to avoid mobile internet service problems. Be informed also that is APN for prepaid users and is for postpaid users.