Talk N Text (TNT) Instagram IG10 Promo – 10 Pesos for 3 days

Register and enjoy access to Instagram using your Talk N Text prepaid SIM for only 10 pesos valid for 3 days.
Have you installed Instagram on your phone? If not you can download it now on Playstore and App Store so you can enjoy this new promo of Talk N Text (TNT) prepaid called IG10.
The promo lets you use Instagram for 3 days to be updated with your friend’s latest photos and status from their accounts. For only 10 pesos you can publish unlimited photos and short videos for your followers. Check out the mechanics of this IG10 promo below for your reference.
TNT Instagram Promo
TNT IG10 Promo (Image Credit: FB/TNTPh)

How to Register TNT Instagram IG10 Promo

Just text IG10 to 4545

Unli Instagram access
Only 10 pesos
Valid for 3 days

If you’re starting your own online business under Instagram platform this may be your best promo partner to success. With under 100 pesos a month this would not impact much on your budget if you use the application daily. For students who prefer to use IG than FB, this promo may also suit with your weekly allowance.


If you want to share Instagram posts to Facebook, just tap your IG settings then look for linked accounts. Select Facebook then provide your credentials allowing FB access to publish your account status and posts.