Pokemon Go Now Available in Philippines - Download it on App Store

Philippines Pokemon Go fans can now download and install the game on Android and iOS app store.
The latest announcement from Niantic Labs maybe a celebration to all Asian Pokemon Go fanatics.
The good news is that it’s now available on countries and region across Asia and Oceania.  This simple means that Philippines users can now also play the game and download right on Android Play Store and iOS Store. Check it now on your respective mobile app store and download the game to start playing.
Pokemon Go Philippines
Pokemon Go Download on Android Play Store

Pokemon Go Now Available on Android and iOS - Philippines

To download and install the app you must have working internet connection or registered to any Smart and Globe surfing promos. Pokemon Go needs GPS data to let you catch Pokemon as many as you can so better prepare a back up battery power as GPS may eat lots of your battery when using the game. Another tip to save battery power is by using a 3G/4G Pocket Wifi that you can bring along while hunting rarest Pokemon.