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How to Use Globe Switch App to Get Free Internet and Promo Offers

Access free internet to all Globe and TM subscribers using Switch app that provides list of available applications with free offers.
Globe Telecom recently launched a much useful Android called Globe Switch for all their subscribers who love to use internet and promos. The app is not yet available for iOS / iPho…
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Globe Telecom recently launched a much useful Android called Globe Switch for all their subscribers who love to use internet and promos.
The app is not yet available for iOS / iPhone users but we’ll hope they release version for this platform very soon. The app is now available for download via Google Play Store for Android users. Globe Switch app features list of available paid and free promo offers that needs internet access. It also offers tool that you can be used to monitor your data, control internet usage and block unwanted internet access. This offer is available to both Globe and TM prepaid subscribers.
Globe Switch
Globe Switch App welcome screen

How to Use Globe and TM (Touch Mobile) Switch App

Register to Globe and TM internet promos (to download Switch app on Play Store) or connect to your nearest free WiFi hotspot to download the app without data charges.
On your phone’s Google Play Store type Globe Switch.

  1. Download and install the app, its file size is less than 3MB only.
  2. After successful installation, open the Globe Switch by clicking the app icon. Note that it automatically creates shortcut notification bar for you to easily use and access the app.
  3. Open the app, you will see the loading screen and welcome note from Switch app then just click continue.
  4. Next page will ask you to provide your Globe or TM mobile number then click Submit or you have the option to Skip this step.
  5. After that you will see Globe Switch App main menu screen. Offers, Usage and Control tabs are located on the upper part of the screen that you can easily swipe left to right to switch tabs.
    Globe Switch Offers
    List of apss free internet access
  6. On Offers tab, you can see you current mobile data network, activated and purchased promo offers, Hot Deals where you can see FREE and detailed discounted promo offers available.
    Switch Free internet
    Free internet access to Pokemon Go, Facebook, Clash of Clans and more

How to Use Switch Free Internet Promo Offers

  1. On Offers tab, go to Hot Deals. Tap to expand the list of applications with free promo offers.
  2. Select your desired free promo offers by clicking the FREE button. Once you click the you are prompted by offer summary before you accept the free promotion.
  3. After accepting the offer button just wait for the request to send. If free subscription is successful you are prompted with a message saying ‘Free Offer Activated’.
    Switch Free Internet Offer
    Switch Free Offer Activated
  4. Start using free internet usage offers with Globe Switch by turning on your Mobile Data. The app also requires you to enable the Data Saving Mode and connect thru VPN when you use Switch.
Make sure you have good signal strength to gain faster internet connection. Much better if you’re area is covered with 3G, 4G or LTE signal.  That’s it enjoy using Switch app for Globe and TM subscribers.


Unknown said…
I am using ZTE mobile wifi of globe and I use ZTE link to access messages and other stuffs on my globe sim in my pocket wifi. Can I register to the app’s promos without inserting my sim to my phone?
Unknown said…
I can't download the apps
Unknown said…
I register to gosurf50 via globe switch but I don't know how to avail the 300mb free because it doesn't show. Stressing me out!
Unknown said…
I can't avail my 300mb offer.
Unknown said…
How to change my number ? my phone is dual sim and it keeps using my smart number