How to Avail Hammer VPN Internet Premium Account on Your Country

Get premium account with unlimited internet bandwidth for Hammer VPN via TunnelGur using several payment options depending on your country.
For those avid Hammer VPN users you can get your premium account by purchasing their plan that offers unlimited and bulk bundles.
Just visit TunnelGuru website to check their pricing, you can also try their free trial where you can get 150MB good for a day of VPN internet using Hammer VPN or their Windows client app.  There are lot of options to pay when you apply for premium personal or reseller accounts, they also offer gift code for discounted plan offers.
Hammer VPN Premium Account
Used this account on Hammer VPN

How to Avail Hammer VPN / Tunnel Guru Premium Account

To avail their plan you must have a valid email to use during registration, confirmation of your account will be sent to your email used during sign up.

  1. Fill in there quick registration form. Provide your desired username, valid email for password retrieval, select your country and enter the CAPTCHA required before hitting register button.
  2. After clicking register, proceed to your email to retrieve your password provided by TunnelGuru during your quick registration. Password usually in number format.
  3. Go to then login your using your username and emailed password.  Once you successfully logged in, you can now proceed to Buy Traffic Plan option to avail premium unlimited bandwidth.
  4. You are given 3 plan offers e.g Basic, Unlimited and Deluxe. Check which option is available on y our country, usually unlimited is always available on their plan offers.
  5. On Plan drop down option, you can see price of 1 month Unlimited Plan (in my country Philippines price offer is $4.25 per month for unlimited).
    Hammer VPN / TunnelGuru Premium Plan
  6. Go to payment method and select your preferred payment options. The easiest for is via Paypal but there are country specific method you can use to purchase premium account. Payment options available are Paymentwall, Boleto and HSBC for Brazil, Visa Debit for Chile and Mexico, Cashu and OneCard for Middle East, TrustPay for Europe, DragonPay for Philippines and ATMVA for Indonesia. For other countries like India, Columbia and US they can use Paypal to purchase with TunnelGuru.
  7. After selecting your best payment method, click Continue button to proceed with the payment. Click Ok and read carefully to understand the pop up messages before you proceed with the payment.

After successful payment, wait for few minutes to refresh your account at TunnelGuru. After few minutes I can now see Unlimited Plan on my account, payment made via Paypal. Payment transaction and activation of account is fast, hope it’s the same with other payment options.

That’s it, you can now use the account with your HammerVPN or Tunnel Guru client to enjoy unlimited VPN with your internet connection. For other queries you can visit their website or email their support.