Use Hammer VPN to Secure and Save Your Mobile Internet Bandwidth

Save and secure your mobile data connection using Hammer VPN app. It saves network bandwidth and may help capping issue with your telcos.
Nowadays almost all cellular or mobile network offers bandwidth wise promos where you are given volume of data usage on a certain internet plan.
Unlimited is no longer a practice for telcos to avoid abuse of internet usage on both mobile and computer users. If your one of those who avail limited and volume based data plan on your network I’m sure you are thinking of how to save your bandwidth to make it last long. You are thinking of using VPN to trick your mobile network data capping and to even compress your data usage. Good thing there’s free VPN you can rely as of this posting, as of traffic saving it also provide online security while you are using the internet. We already posted previous Free VPN called Psiphon and today we’ll try to use and talk Hammer VPN which is available on selected countries via Google Playstore.

Hammer VPN

How to Use Hammer VPN on your Mobile Network

First, you need to download Hammer VPN AntiDPI VPN on Android Playstore. In case if it’s not available for your country you can search and download the APK file on third party sites. (Note: download at your own risk)

  1. Install the app your phone, open Hammer VPN and use the free ID automatically given. No need for you sign up to create account and password to use the app.
  2. On the Server field, select Free Server to connect to the internet by scrolling down the list. You can only use Premium server if you avail premium account.
  3. Leave other fields as is, be default UDP Rport=500 and Lport=0. If you want ICMP, you need to root your phone to use ICMP protocol.
  4. On Advance button, you can define your desired DNS and use proxy for TCP connection. Just fill in the Proxy Host field, Proxy port and Header then click Save to apply the additional settings made.
    Hammer VPN Proxy settings
  5. Once initial setup is done, just hit the Connect button to start your Hammer VPN internet connection.
You are notified Setup successful once everything is right on your initial setup. Hammer VPN will automatically show you a little dashboard that show your connection status like sent and received data bandwidth. You can also disconnect and stop the VPN usage on this dashboard by tapping the disconnect button.
Hammer VPN dashboard
Make sure you are connected to your mobile network under 3G/4G to LTE network to enjoy fast internet speed along with Hammer VPN.