Globe and TM gives Free Pokemon Go Internet using Switch App

Globe and TM can now access and connect to internet using Pokemon Go app free for 7 days using Switch app.
Are you in with the latest game Pokemon Go? Here’s a good reason to try playing Pokemon go using Globe and TM (Touch Mobile) SIM.
You can get free internet access for when use the Pokemon Go app even if you don’t have balance on your prepaid account. Do you want to try it now? Just check out below on how you can avail this promo.

Globe TM Free Pokemon Go
Globe and TM get 7 days free Pokemon Go internet

How to Use Switch app for Globe and TM for FREE Pokemon Go Internet Use

Downloading the Pokemon Go and Switch app requires you to use data. This is not included on this promo offer by Globe and TM. You can register to any internet promo before you can download these two apps on Play Store and iOS App store.  Do note that Globe Switch is not yet available for IoS device users.

You also have app an option if you don’t want to register an internet promo on Globe and TM, if you have a Shareit app you can ask your friend to send the 2 application directly to your phone.

  1. Install Pokemon Go app and Globe Switch app
  2. Turn on your mobile data, by going to Settings or swiping down the shortcut on top of your phone screen.
  3. Open Globe Switch app, complete the screen prompt until you reach Switch home screen.
  4. Look and expand Hot Deals menu, you will see list of applications you can access for free. Locate the Pokemon Go app.
    Switch Free Pokemon Go
    Free Pokemon Go Access to Globe and TM using Switch app
  5. Click the FREE button beside Pokemon Go icon. You will be prompted to accept the promo offer after reading the summary.
  6. Accept to send request to activation of free Pokemon Go Access. Once successful, you will be notified on screen that your free offer is now activated and ready to use.
Note: This promo lets you enjoy free Pokemon Go access for 7 days / 1 week (300MB) without data charges or even if you have zero balance on your Globe and TM account.

That’s it, if you want to know more about Globe Switch free application internet access offer check out our post on How to Use Globe and TM Switch app to access free internet. 


  1. I already install it but no offer is shown

  2. i have the same problem.. NONE activated. NO Available..NONE Coming Soon.. NONE Recently expired

  3. Search the pokemon go and activate the offer :)

  4. I have already install that switch ups but my pokemon go will notify that "GSPS not found"


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