ABS CBN Mobile 10 Pesos iWant TV SUPER10 Promo with Free Facebook

Enjoy all day access to iWant TV with ABS CBN Mobile and watch your favorite Kapamilya shows for only 10 pesos.
Here’s the latest promo that you can register if you want to use the iWant TV app on your mobile to watch your favorite ABS CBN Kapamilya shows.
For only 10 pesos you can enjoy 1 day access to iWanTV plus free social media app access like Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Twitter and Kakaotalk.  With this promo you will never miss on watching TV shows on repeat anywhere you are as long as you have ABS CBN Mobile cellular network. Registration is easy, all you have to do is buy 10 pesos worth of regular prepaid load for your account then text the keyword below.

ABS CBN Mobile iWANT TV Promo

How to Register ABS CBN iWanTVSUPER10 Promo

Just text IWANTVSUPER10 to 2135

1 day access to iWant TV
Free Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Twitter and Kakaotalk
Validity: 1 day
Price: 10 pesos

You need iWant TV App installed on your phone when you register to this promo to avail the services offered. Same goes with FB, Twitter, Viber and Kakaotalk they must be installed or you can try the mobile web URL of those mentioned social networking sites to see if it will work without installing the application.

In case you haven’t downloaded those apps yet, you can try ABS CBN Mobile Surf Promos to download and install applications included in this IWANTVSUPER10 promo. 

This promo is available to all ABS CBN Mobile sim subscribers. Visit your nearest ABS CBN Mobile loading station and load retailer to avail and inquire about iWantV promos.