June 5, 2016

Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi Login Page and Admin Default Password

For those who already own Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi you can customize it default settings by logging in using the admin account.
You can manage the settings on your admin page dashboard, know your device information, send SMS to register an internet prepaid promo and other tweaks like changing your SSID or WiFi name. In case you lost your manual setup guide, check out below for your reference.
Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi
SmartBro 4G Pocket WiFi (ZTE) Login Page

How to Login on Your Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi using Admin Password

  1. Turn on and connect to your SmartBro pocket WiFi (you can use your mobile phone, desktop or laptop)
  2. Go to device internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)
  3. On your browser address or URL bar, type or
  4. It will prompt you to supply Pocket Wifi admin password, type ‘smartbro’ or 'admin' then click login.
Other login credentials:

To register an internet surfing check out Smart Bro LTE Surfmax Promo.

Once you’re on the index page after successful login, you can see tabs e.g Home, Information, SD card, Phone book and Settings. On Information tab you can see summary of details like SIM card number, IMEI, LAN Domain (www.smartbrosettings.net), IP Address, WiFi network name and other software details. For SMS tab, you can create a message, send and receive text, register to Smart Bro surf promo without removing your SIM card from the device. On Settings tab, you can do the basic setup, network and WiFi settings like APN manual setup and selection, Firewall settings and more.


  1. what if upon keying in the password it says Password is incorrect! You have NaN Attempt(s) left. I was only keying in smartbro

  2. Anonymous11/04/2016

    How to check your remaining balance in Smart Bro LTE 499?

  3. How to check reemaining balance of postpaid smartbro plan 299?

    1. Anonymous12/29/2016

      Go to smartbrodashboard.com
      Set up or register for an acct so you could could check your balance and usage.

  4. we forgot login and password for our smartbro e5336BS-6 that we are still using since 2014,what is the default login and password ?

  5. I can't even connect to my WiFi because I forgot my password. What shall I do?

    1. You reset back to default password, I think there's button located at the back that you can press for 3-5 seconds.

  6. Why i cant connect to my smart.after changing the pass? Even i remember it.

  7. how to make a password

  8. Paano q poh mapapalitan ng pass word yung pocket wifi smartbro

  9. smartbrosettings.net or the or wont load...