TM Spotify Promos – 1 Day, 2 Days, 1 Week and 1 Month Subscription

Register to Touch Mobile Spotify promo with daily, weekly and monthly subscription.
Here’s the latest from Touch Mobile prepaid subscribers, you can now subscribe to latest TM SPOTIFY promo.
Listen to your favorite songs, follow artist, share what you are listening and create playlist with  All you need to do is download the Spotify app for Android, iOS and Windows then register to this promo. This gives you premium access where you can play music even with no internet connection. Choose the promo from the listed keyword below.

TM Spotify Promo

How to Register Spotify Promo in TM (Touch Mobile)

SPOTIFY20 send to 8888
Only 20 pesos
Validity: 1 day
200MB data for Spotify app

SPOTIFY30 send to 8888
Only 30 pesos
Validity: 2 days
300MB data for Spotify app

SPOTIFY99 send to 8888
Only 99 pesos
Validity: 1 week
500MB data for Spotify app

SPOTIFY299 send to 8888
Only 99 pesos
Validity: 1 month
1GB data for Spotify app

For SuperSurf internet subscribers, you can switch to GoSurf promos to enjoy TM premium Spotify music streaming. You can still use the app even if you are registered to Supersurf Promo but you can’t benefits the offline mode and other premium features from Spotify.