Smart offers iPhone SE under Postpaid Plan 799, 999, 1500, 2000 and 2499

Avail the latest iPhone SE via Smart postpaid plans that starts on plan 799, 999, 1500 to 2499 with inclusive data, calls and texts plus free 1 one internet access per month.
The latest iPhone SE is now offered under various Smart Postpaid plans.
As of May 26 you can own this Apple device with free internet data, calls, texts and one free mobile app internet access. For iPhone Plans, price starts at 799 with 12,000 pesos cash out on 16GB that includes limited data of 500MB per month. For Plan 999 you'll get a higher data allocation that is up to 3.5GB still with cash out worth 9300 pesos. If you want to get iPhone SE for free then you have to apply for plan that starts from 1500 to 2499 monthly. You'll get higher allowance of monthly data bandwidth, added minutes of calls and numbers of all network texts.

Smart IPhone SE Plan
 iPhone SE Postpaid plans (image: Smart Communications)

You can get this latest 4-inch iPhone with powerful specifications that use the same chip as what iPhone 6s is made of.  It has 12 megapixels rear camera also where you can enjoy take good photos and enjoy the feature called Live Photos.

iPhone SE Smart Postpaid Plan Pricing

Plans 799

Cash out: 12000 Pesos
Data:     500MB
Calls:      20 minutes All-networks
Texts:    100 texts to all networks
*One free app monthly: Spinnr, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, Viber, FB Messenge, Waze, Yahoo Mail, Gmail (avail via hotline or via Smart MyPostpaid App)

Plans 999

Cash out: 9300 pesos
Data:     3.5GB
Calls:      40 minutes All-networks
Texts:    100 texts to all networks
*One free app monthly

Plans 1500

Cash out: NO
Data:     8GB
Calls:      60 minutes All-networks
Texts:    120 texts to all networks
*One free app monthly

Plans 2000

Cash out: NO
Data:     10GB
Calls:      150 minutes All-networks
Texts:    200 texts to all networks
*One free app monthly

Plans 2499

Cash out: NO
Data:     15GB
Calls:      300 minutes All-networks
Texts:    300 texts to all networks
*One free app monthly

If you want price comparison check out Globe iPhone SE Postpaid Plan Offers.

Above plans are available on 24-months contract period. You can select from available colours of iPhone SE (Rose Gold, Space Gray, Gold and Silver), still it depends on the availability of stocks. Feel free to visit Smart store nearest you to get more updates and details about this plan offers.