How to Add DNS Server on Your Pocket WiFi Internet Connection

You can add prefered DNS Server on your Pocket WiFi using your mobile phone and laptop or desktop device.
If you want to tweak you current internet connection using your pocket WiFi and you want to add DNS server IP address you can’t do it directly.
Most of this device only supports APN based network settings. Our pocket Wi-Fi usually connects to cellular wireless connection which uses SIM card to connect to your telecom provider (e.g Globe, Smart, TM, Sun, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T etc). Depending on available network type or signal, you may get GPRS/2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G and LTE connection whichever is available on your location. If you're not satisfied with the connection and you to speed up slow browsing, most tips provided online is to try adding DNS server on your connection setting like Google DNS, OpenDNS, Norton DNS and other free public DNS provider. To add a DNS IP on your pocket WiFi connection you may follow the quick steps below.
Add DNS Server Pocket WiFi
Mobile Settings to add DNS Server

How to Add DNS Server On your Pocket WiFi using Mobile Phone and PC

Connect to your Pocket Wifi Network, follow the procedure on how to add DNS for Android and desktop users.

Add DNS Server for Android mobile phone users:
  1. Go to Settings then click on Wi-Fi. You will see list of available wireless network including your Pocket Wifi which you are currently connected.
  2. Tap and hold your Pocket WiFi network, you will see Forget network and Modify network. Click on Modify network.
  3. You'll see your network status, signal strength, link speed, security type, ipv4 address, password. Scroll down a bit to see the "Show advanced settings" option.
  4. Tick "Show advanced settings" then scroll down to see more options like proxy settings and IP settings.
  5. Since we want to add DNS, we need to modify the IP settings from "DHCP" to Static for us to add two DNS server.
  6. When we select Static it will show your obtained DHCP IP address from your Pocket Wi-Fi and the Gateway which is your Pocket Wi-Fi IP address.
  7. Leave network prefix length as default and go directly to DNS 1 and DNS 2.
  8. Input your desire DNS 1 IP and DNS 2 then tap Save.
Add DNS IP Pocket WiFi
Add Google DNS on Pocket WiFi
For laptop and desktop users:

Add DNS Server on Pocket WiFi
  1. Connect your laptop or PC to your Pocket WiFi wireless network, click the WiFi signal icon on lower left of your monitor or system tray.
  2. Highlight or right click your Pocket WiFi network the click on Open Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Click on Wireless Network Connection (Your Pocket Wifi SSID)
  4. On Wireless Network Connection status click on Properties (You must be an Administrator or using and admin account to do this)
  5. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then click Properties.
  6. Look for “Use the following DNS server addresses” option then click the radion button to makeit active.
  7. Input your desired DNS on Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server.