Smart Postpaid SIM Card Replacement Activation Procedure

To activate your Smart Postpaid SIMcard replacement just follow the manual procedure.
When you apply for postpaid plan and your SIM card is lost or not working any due to damage, you can request a replacement at your nearest Smart Wireless Center.
If you’re on postpaid you can replace your SIM without changing you mobile number which is a good thing for us. We can still get connected to our contacts as they offer same number activation. They will provide you a new SIM for you to activate or you can also request via Smart hotline for activation. To activate manually, you can follow the steps below.

Smart SIM card Activation
Smart Postpaid SIM

How to Activate Smart Postpaid SIM Replacement

Just text the keyword format:

ACTIVATE <Last 6 Digit of Secondary SIM ICCID> <MIN or your existing mobile number> then send to 4762

Note: MIN or mobile number format should be 0918-XXXXXXX

Once activated, all your network services will be restored to normal base on the plan you applied in Smart. You can start texting, calling and internet surfing, 3G, 4G/LTE network and other services bundled on your monthly plan.