How To Change PLDT Kasda KW58293 Modem / Router Password

Secure your PLDT Kasda KW58293 modem or router by changing its default admin password to access web page inferface.
Some of PLDT DSL and HOMEDSL subscribers are using this model of router issued by their technician during installation and sometimes a replacement upon repair request.
The usual modem or router issued by PLDT is Xyzel, ProLink and Kasda. In this post we will guide you how to locate and change administrator (root) and user account in case you’re going to do it on your own PLDT Kasda KW58293. By default PLDT still uses the same use credentials on admin and user account which we all know its ‘adminpldt’ and ‘admin’. Let's now proceed to editing your router below.

PLDT Kasda Router Password
Access  PLDT Kasda Router Maintenance tab to change admin password

How to Change PLDT Kasda Router Default Admin and User Password

  1. Go to your browser (Google Chrome, IE, Firefox etc.) then type
  2. It will ask you to input username and password, just type ‘adminpldt’ for username and supply ‘1234567890’ for password field.
  3. After successfully logging in, go to Maintenance tab and look in to User Account Table.
  4. Select account which account you want to edit or modify its password using radio tick button.
  5. Supply account current password and type your new desired password.
Don’t forget to save or apply changes for it to take effect.

Changing your default modem password adds security to your WiFi users in case they try to access the web user interface.  Do note that if you experience problem with your connection and you requested for repair, you must provide the new admin password to PLDT technician for them to troubleshoot the problem. In case, you forget the admin password just do a manual reset on your router and it goes back to default after reboot.