Microsoft Access 2007 Unrecognized Database Format .accdb File

Here’s what I did for me solved “Unrecognized Database Format” when opening MS Access file with extension .accdb. Just download the file and manually update or you can go for Windows Update on your computer.
In my case I downloaded a Microsoft Access File with extension of .accdb but when I open it using Access 2007 I received and error saying “Unrecognized database format “C:\Users\howtoquick\desktop\file.accdb”.
I confidently sure that the database file I downloaded is not corrupted so no need for me to repair. After checking with installed application on my Windows 10 computer it works, I recalled that I installed the service for MS Office so I decided to install it to the PC where I’m having problem on opening the database file.

Unrecognized Database Format
Unrecognized Database Format BIR 2305

How I Solved Unrecognized Database Format .accdb File

If you installed MS Office with default installation you need to update it with its service pack, for Access 2007 they already have SP2 and SP3 released. You can install one of them only to solve your problem regarding unrecognized database format problem. Just download the file at official Microsoft website, make sure to use administrator account during installation. You can also use Windows Update to solve this problem in case you don’t want to do a manual update.

Download Office 2007 Service Packs

In case above links doesn’t work anymore, you can use Google just type the file need e.g “2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 3” it will provide you with Microsoft results.