Guide on How to Change Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi Password

If you’re trying to change your Globe Tattoo broadband pocket Wi-Fi password, check out this quick how to guide on changing you device password.
This article is for Globe Tattoo prepaid and postpaid pocket WiFi users who are trying to change the password of their device.
We are giving you few steps on how to do it quickly using your mobile phone, laptop or desktop whichever is available. Changing the default password helps secure pocket Wi-Fi from other connected users.  To cut this story short, kindly follow the steps below. I provided options based on the device e.g E5330, e5220 you are using. You can check the model of your pocket WiFi by opening the back cover or by going to settings then device information.

 Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi
Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi Router Page

How to Change Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi Router Admin Password

  1. Connect to you WiFi network and open your web browser (you can use tablet, smartphone, laptop etc.)
  2. On your browser’s address bar type then type your username and password (default username and password is ‘admin’.
  3. If doesn't open the web UI interface, you can try or whichever works for you.
  4. After logging in, on the admin we page go to Settings
  5. Click on System located on the left sidebar of the page.
  6. Click on Modify Password then on the right side supply your current password and create a new password for your pocket WiFi device.
Note: Make sure to remember this password as this will your new credential when you login to your router page.

The risk of not changing your default admin password is that there are users who are fond of tweaking wireless network whenever they are connected. If you only leave the router password as default chances are users will access the administrator web user interface where they can change your pocket WiFi settings. To prevent that case to happen you must do the steps above on how to change your Globe Pocket WiFi default router page password.


  1. Anonymous12/30/2016

    I changed the default username and password of my globe tattoo router but i forgot again,how will i open it? Or how will i reset it?

    1. Anonymous3/07/2017

      Do hard reset by pressing reset button found in your router

    2. But my globe tattoo is zte model and i cant see any reset button at all! I know my wifi pw but the admin page? The router username? I forgot my pw!

  2. Does web UI interface only worked if i am wired connected?


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