Psiphon ‘PAdvance’ Handler UI Settings for Smart, Globe, Sun and TM

Configure and setup Psiphon Handler UI with your working network settings for Smart, Globe, Sun and TM to access internet.
To those who are using Handler UI applications before I’m sure you’re already familiar with the configuration on its menu.
This setup was popular way back Symbian times and now it also applies to Android phone users. One of the latest app that is being mod to Handler is Psiphon, we all know that this app gives uncensored intenet access thru VPN connection. You can download .exe file for Windows and .APK file Android users for free on their website and in Google Playstore.
Psiphon handler
PAdvance100 Handler Starting up...
For Psiphon (Dzebb) Handler, setting up and configuration is different from the usual app. You are prompted with setup after installation process. Below is the screenshots when you’re working with this on your mobile network.

Setting Up Psiphon Handler UI

After installation you’ll be prompted with startup HandlerUI settings:

Front Query:
Middle Query:
Back Query:
Add Port to non-Port URL:
Remove port (check and uncheck option)
Proxy type:
Custom Header:
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type:
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Port:
Child Lock:
Child Lock code:

On above settings you need to input network details for this app to work. You need to use the right APN when using this app see how to use Psiphon Free VPN for Globe, Smart and Sun Internet, just select respective settings for Smart, Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular.

Working with Psiphon Handler UI configuration

The usual config to touch with PAdvance is port, proxy and server. Do note that you need to have a working configuration on mobile network you are using. Below is sample configuration you need to modify.

Psiphon handler Settings
Padvance sample config

Check Remove Proxy port
Proxy Type: (Select from drop down list – “HTTP, Host, Real Host, Reverse Proxy, Dual Real Host and Custom header)
Custom Header: by default “X-Online-Host”
Proxy Server: (working proxy server from your network)

Leave Username and Password empty
Real Proxy Type: (select from drop down list – “Default, No Proxy, HTTP, SOCKS, Direct and Inject)
Real Proxy port: (input working ports like 80, 8080, 1080)
Do note that Psiphon Handler will only work if you have working details required during start up setup. This menu will also work on other network not only on Smart Globe, TM and Sun Cellular.