Cherry Prepaid CMANET10 and CMANET99 Unli Text to All Networks Promo

Register to unlitext to all networks promo using your Cherry Prepaid SIM for only 10 pesos to enjoy unlimited texting valid for 1 day. Just text the code or dial *139# on your mobile phone.
Here’s a good reason to use Cherry Prepaid when it comes to unlimited text to all networks promo.
With their all net promo offers, for only 10 pesos you can enjoy unlitxts to Globe, TM, Smart, TNT, Sun Cellular and ABS CBN Mobile subscribers. No need for you to worry on what network you are trying to send a SMS text as long as you’re registered CMANET10 and CMANET99 promo from Cherry Prepaid SIM card. For those who are interested to try this Cherry Mobile network you can register on affordable texts promo below.
Cherry Prepaid All Networks Promo
Cherry Prepaid Unlitext to All networks promo for only 99 pesos a day (screencap:

Cherry Prepaid Promo Unlimited All Net Text promo

Unlitext to All networks valid for 1 day, you can use the promo code below.

Just text CMANET10 to 2138
Load needed: 10 pesos

For 1 week or 7 days unlimited texts to all networks you can register using the keyword below.

Just text CMANET99 to 2138
Load needed: 99 pesos

Unlitexts Promo to Cherry Prepaid SIM Subscribers

There's an exclusive promo to fellow Cherry Prepaid users only where you can register to unlimited text for only 5 pesos.

Just text CMUNLI5 to 2138

Aside from SMS text promo registration method, you can also use *139#. Simply dial the code on your phone then you’ll be prompted with Cherry Prepaid option of promo offers.

By looking on above promo offers of Cherry Prepaid we can see that it’s better to register all networks text at 10 pesos daily than subscribing to 7 days for 99 pesos. They only hassle on your part is you need to register to CMANET10 promo every time it expires. What you do you think about their all net text promo offer guys? Have you tried it? Tell us your Cherry Experience by hitting the comment box below.


  1. Anonymous2/03/2017

    Mas Mura p rin ang gosakto sana Sa inyo rin para change na kami ng cherry sim tnx


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