Cherry Mobile Prepaid SIM CMFSURF Internet Promo Offers

You can register to internet surfing promo using Cherry Prepaid SIM from 10 pesos to 599 pesos good for 1 month with allocated MB and GB per denomination.
As Cherry Mobile already announced their Cherry Prepaid SIM card here comes their internet surfing promo offers that you can use to register.
Since prepaid unlisurf promos of our telcos are already phased out, Cherry offers volume browsing where you can get allocated bandwidth depending on what promo you are enrolled. Just like Smart and Globe, to register you need to send the code to a specific assigned number. You can also use their USSD code dialing to see all exclusive Cherry Prepaid offers thru *139# menu.

Cherry Prepaid Internet Promo
Cherry Prepaid CMSURF Internet Promo (image credit:

Cherry Prepaid Internet Promo

CMSURF10 - 30 MB internet surfing valid for 1 day
Load amount: 10 pesos

CMSURF20 - 50 MB internet surfing for 7 days   
Load amount: 20 pesos

CMSURF50 - 120 MB internet browsing for 15 days          
Load amount: 50 pesos

CMSURF99 - 250 MB internet surfing for 30 days              
Load amount: 99 pesos

CMSURF199 - 500 MB internet surfing for 30 days            
Load amount: 199 pesos

CMSURF399 - 1 GB internet surfing for 60 days  
Load amount: 399 pesos

CMSURF499 - 2 GB internet surfing consumable for 60 days        
Load amount: 499 pesos

CMSURF599 - 3 GB internet surfing good for 1 month    
Load amount: 599 pesos

How to Register Internet Promo

To register Cherry Prepaid SIM internet browsing promo just select any of the promo listed above then follow the sample format provided below on how to register.

Text CMSURF599 to 2138


Use the *139# menu then navigate to promos you wish to register.

Once your browsing promo expires, you’ll receive an SMS text notification on your SIM. You can register again on any promo using your Cherry SIM after expiration. You can check out other Cherry Prepaid Internet Offers by visiting their website and social media pages. Have you tried this internet promo? Tell us your experience by hitting the comment button below.