Smart UNLI20 Internet Browsing and Unli Call and Free FB Promo

One day internet surfing package for only 20 pesos by subscribing to UNLI20 internet promo of Smart/TNT.
If you’re more on browsing only, you can try Smart UNLI20 promo where you can enjoy surfing the web on your mobile phone for 1 day.
You’ll pay only 20 pesos to do you web research, assignments and get connected to you social networking friend within 24 hours.  To register just use the code provided below, this promo is available to Smart and Talk N Text prepaid subscribers.
Smart Unli 20 All day internet access (image capture:

How to Register SMART UNLI20 Promo

Just text UNLI20 to 5555

  • Enjoy unlimited internet access except Youtube and Torrent
  • Only 20 pesos
  • Valid for 1 day
Smart UNLI20 has two different bundles. If you want to get unlimited call, free FB and messenger register the promo below.

Unlimited Smart and TNT Minutes
20 SMS to all networks
FREE Viber, FREE Facebook, FREE FB Messenger
To register:

Just text UNLI20 send to 9999

You can use this promo also to connect to the internet using your mobile apps, like FB, Twitter, Instagram and other applications installed on your phone. Just use you default Smart/TNT access point name (APN) to connect.

If you want unli surfing, you can have a look on Smart Unlisurf Promo pricing. You can choose denomination that suites your needs.


  1. Boo. Super slow connection. >.<

  2. Anonymous2/04/2016

    It says "and other applications installed on your phone" Does this include google earth and other map/navigation apps? And how's the speed?

  3. Anonymous5/19/2016

    Sa talk and text. You can play League of Legends. Crossfire and other online games(Patch not included)
    at ok naman Medyo hindi strict nakaka download ka paren ng Files but limited to 20-40kbps speed
    sa Smart naman.
    League of legends and crossfire not working.
    Slow as Hell
    pang Normal browsing lang tlg.
    But kayang I bypass through VPN's
    but still 20-40kbps Speed limit

    1. pwede rin b s sun prepaid to sir?

  4. Spotify is not included in this promo??

  5. ang connection di kayang umabot sa LTE kahit na LTE Capable ang phone mo. Hangang 3G lang talaga at ang bagal pa. Ewan ko sa Smart.


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