Smart Bro 4G and LTE Pocket WiFi Prepaid Price

You can get faster internet connection speed of up to 42 Mbps with Smart Bro using their Pocket WiFi offers. Check out the prices of these LTE devices.
As 4G/LTE network already rolled out on our country, increase demand of devices that is capable on this kind of network is goes up.
Smart is one of the cellular network that offers LTE network to their prepaid subscribers where you can select 1 day LTE surfing, 7 days and 1 month depending on your needs. They also monthly gig subscription on your on their Bigbytes plan. Of course for you to be able to connect with Smart LTE network you need to have an LTE capable device or smartphone. If you're device is not LTE ready then your option is to buy LTE broadband or pocket WiFi. Below are Smart Bro LTE pocket WiFi price listed on their website.
Smart LTE Pocket WiFi
Smart LTE devices (screen capture at

Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi Prepaid Kit

Promo price: 1495 pesos
Freebie:  350MB surfing monthly up to 3 months
Share up to 10 wireless devices

Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi Prepaid

Price:  3495 pesos
Freebie: 7 days unlimited LTE surfing
Speed: up to 42Mbps
Connect up to 10 devices

These devices are locked with Smart network, you can only use Smart LTE SIM for this to work unless you unlock it. If you want to enjoy LTE on all networks (Globe and Smart) you can buy open line devices on the market today.

Since it’s prepaid, you’ll have to register to LTE promos everytime it expires. Smart offers 3 options for you to register.

LTE 50 – 1 day
LTE 299 – 7 days
LTE 995 – 1 month

To register: How to subscribe Smart LTE Prepaid Promo

Do note that their promo also is subject to their terms of usage. You can check out their website to see updates and latest pricing of their LTE devices.