Huawei e5330bs-2 Router Page Password and IP Addresss

Connect to your Huawei e5330bs-2 3G pocket WiFi router page by accessing the Web UI. Use the default admin password and IP address.
Most of us prefer to use pocket WiFi than using USB broadband as it’s very useful when you’re travelling and want to get connected to the internet always.
Huawei e5330 is one of the mostly used mobile pocket WiFi in the market today. It’s capable of connecting to 2G and 3G network whichever is available on your area. By the way this device is not locked to any network no need for you to unlock. You can insert any SIM Card or network provider you want.
Huawei e5330bs
Huawei e5330 Router Page IP and Password

Huawei e5330bs-2 Password and IP Addresss

Default IP Address:

Default Username and Password

Username:  admin
Password: admin

To access the page, make sure that you are connected to your Huawei e5330 device. This is searchable on the first time you turn on the device. Connect to it, once connected go to your web browser and type the IP address then use the default username and password provide above.

Once you’re able to login on the router page web UI, you can now control everything you want on your Pocket Wifi. You can put a password, change the SSID and even limit devices that can connect to it. You can also send and receive text messages using the web page.


  1. Anonymous6/06/2016

    default password is not working after webui update and can't downgrade
    How to solve?


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