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How to Earn Money Online in Philippines thru Google Adsense

You can earn money anywhere in the Philippines by being an Adsense publisher. All you have to do is share your knowledge and what you loved online by posting it on your blog or website.
There are lot ways of earning online and one of the best way to earn is thru blogging and be a publisher of well known Google Adsense. If you don’t know about Google Adsense yet …
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There are lot ways of earning online and one of the best way to earn is thru blogging and be a publisher of well known Google Adsense.
If you don’t know about Google Adsense yet I’ll give you a quick idea on it, it’s like a TV (ads) commercials where you earn every time it shows on your website, blog and video channels. Yes, it’s an ad, the more viewers you have, the more earnings you’ll get. Sounds easy, right? Your next question would be how can I have Adsense on my blog or website.

Adsense Philippines
Google Adsense (screen capture:
Getting an Adsense account needs an approval and for you to get approved by Google you need have a website, blog or YouTube channel with good quality content. Content is most valued criteria when applying for Google Adsense, you must have a quality content and must be patiently written in your own words based on your experience. Making a blog or website must be connected to you in a way that you know more what your content is all about. Let says you loved to travel, why not blog about it? You love tech gadgets? Then review or blog about it.  Blogging something like online sharing of what you love, then after that Google Adsense will just follow in return.

Where to create or start a Blog or website?

There are lots of online platform to start blogging, but I would suggest using Blogger. It’s free and easy as what you see what you get. You don’t need to be a programmer or a web developer to start a blog using Google’s Blogger platform. All you have to do is sign up or use your existing Gmail account to have access to Blogger interface.
Once you’re Blogger already, you need to start blogging and creating a post. Use free templates for your blog to avoid complications, maybe in later time and you’ll more knowledge of coding you can start tweaking HTML code. Creating post title must be based on what that particular post is all about and must be search friendly. You need to have at least 500 words per post written in your own words. Do not copy and paste, it’s a big NO to Google Adsense. Explore how Blogger works and I’m sure in span of 6 months of posting content you’ll start liking it not just the free hosting.

Tips before applying Google Adsense

Number of posts – at least 60 posts that contain at least 500 words, the more good quality posts you have the more chance of getting approved by Adsense.

Blog Age – you must be at least 6 months prior to Adsense application, if you’re on Blogger you can see it on Earnings tab, if the Adsense button is enabled then you can start applying but please consider also the number of posts.

Site / blog visitors – in span of 6 months I’m sure you’ll site visitors will start to rise up. Just continue posting good quality content for Google to index your site/bog on search results. The more visitors you have the added percentage of getting approved by Adsense.

Top level domain name or blog name – for me you should use custom domain as this will help also when getting Adsense approval. It helps Google to categorize your site or blog with good reputation on search engine.

Personal details - when signing up to Adsense you must be at legal age (18 years old). Input correct complete address the including house no. block or street.

I think I already covered almost all ways to get Adsense account and earn money online using blogging. If you have other tips to add, feel free to comment below.

One last tip, if you’re getting disapproved when applying to Adsense directly you can try the Youtube approach. Upload your own videos like reviews, guide and how to, apply for monetization using Youtube dashboard. If you have videos just create a Youtube channes then link it to your blog or website. Once you’re approved with Youtube, seek for another approval by adding your blog or website. Now you’ll have a higher chance of getting approved.

The last part is adding the Adsense code to your blog after getting approved. Continue posting on your blog and you'll start earning more money.