Smart Jump In SIM subscribers Call and Text Promo

List of available call and text promo you can register using your JUMP IN SIM card. With added free social networking sites internet access.
As of September 2015 Smart Jump In added more options to their subscribers in registering call and text promos.
From previous Jump All Out 15 and All Text 15, they now added more free service like Facebook and Instagram. With the same amount of load credit on your account you can register to same Jump In SIM promos plus free bundles of social networking sites access.

Smart Jump In Call and Text Promo
Smart JUMP IN Sim Promo (image screenshot :

Smart Jump In SIM Call and Text Promo

Jump All Text 15

Unlimited text to all networks
Only 15 pesos
Valid for 2 days

To register Jump All Text 15 promo:

Text JUMPTXT15 to 5867

Jump All Out 15

Unlimited text to all networks
Free 30 minutes call to 5 numbers (Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N Text)
Free FB for 7 days
Only 15 pesos
Valid for 1 day
To register Jump All Out 15 promo:
Text JUMP15 to 5867

You can also avail Jump All Out 25, which gives your free 60mb of Instagram, Facebook, All net texts and 60 minutes calls to 5 numbers. To register just text JUMP25 to 5867 with 2 days validity period for only 25 pesos.

For JUMP All Out 50, 5 days for 50 pesos

Unlimited text to all networks
Free 60MB Instagram browsing
Free Facebook internet for 7 days
150 minutes free calls to 5 numbers

That’s it for now guys, hope it helps you. Feel free to share this info to your friends.


  1. Why is it that I can't register now on these promos? Are these promos removed?. Smart prepaid is disgusting.they don't reply on their forums

  2. @Una Nymous is your sim card "jump sim" or not? the promos is for jump sim cards only

  3. Anonymous6/24/2016

    There is also JUMPBIG15 for 3DAYS UNLITEXT to ALL Net. Though sometimes it's hard to register, I still use it until now. I'd just send the registration again and again. But not all the time ganun. And it's worth it naman. Tiyagaan lang. :)

    1. Anonymous8/10/2016

      it will always say that B15 has already ended. what does that mean>

    2. Anonymous8/19/2016

      Same here B15 has already ended.. --RAMA

    3. Anonymous9/25/2016

      Tapos na ang promo ng Jumpbig15 niLa ,, dapat hindi nila tinangal sana ibalik ulit yun lang lagi ko nireregister ehh ,, kesa sa jumpytxt for 2days lang bihira lang nmn kasi aq mag txt..

  4. Anonymous11/05/2016

    Available na po uli yungJUMPBIG15

    1. Anonymous12/28/2016

      Yes po. Nakakagamit na ulit ako ng JUMPBIG15. Pansamantala pala syang nag-end. Tapos bumalik na ulit ��


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