How to Stop Globe Club Content Subscription

Tips to turn off or stop charges from Globe Club Content Subscription on your monthly bill. Use the following keyword to do it on your phone.
This post is for the subscribers who always see unwanted charges to their monthly postpaid billings from Globe like Club Content Subscription and other unknown services.
We’ll give you few tips to prevent and how to stop it from reflecting again on your plan bill. Just try some keywords provided below and monitor on your next billing cycle if you are still being charged by Globe with that.

Globe Billing

Unsubscribe or Stop Globe Club Content Subscription

Try this:

1. Type EF OFF and send to 2474

After step 1:

 2. Type STOP EF and send to 2474

Try also:

3.  Type QUIT BIN and send to 2474

Another way to stop those advisories also is by reading the full message you received from that particular number, usually at the last part of the message it will say text “KEYWORD STOP” to stop received that alert and advisories. You can also try keyword STOP ALL, then send to numbers like 2474, 2360 etc. You may check out other numbers on How to Stop Globe Alert and Advisories.

Hope it help you guys, if above steps doesn’t resolve you problem you go to your nearest Globe Business Center then report you issue on this unwanted charges. They will turn it off for you if you’re a postpaid subscriber.


  1. hi there,

    No it will not stop and they will not turn off, especially if you have contract. They have power and money. You can't do anything. Need to sacrifice until end of contract, then go to another operator.
    Nothing will help! Just keep cool...

  2. please sun postpaid acct was registered to gameloft due to my children uaing my phone..i tried several times to unsubscribe using the keywords given above..i have also tried GAMEOFF but still o cannot unsubscribe the message was always incorrect keyword or you are not currently subscribe to gameloft but i was receiving message almost every week..i will really apppreciate your help..


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