PLDT myDSL Plans and Price for up to 3,5,8 and 10 Mbps

Apply for fast wired internet connection at home with PLDT myDSL that offers speed of up to 3 Mbps to 10 starting from plan 999. You can enjoy unlimited download and upload plus landline, just apply to nearest PLDT business office.
PLDT now offers best internet speed options that fit your requirements and needs.
With the latest pricing plan denomination, you can now choose from 3Mbps up to 10 Mbps on myDSL home package. Internet speed depends on your monthly budget, on their high speed plan you can start at plan 999 where you'll get up to 3 Mbps. Next to that is up to 5Mbps with monthly charge of 1995 pesos. If you want higher download speed you can avail to their up to 8 and up to
10Mbps plans detailed below.
PLDT Plan up to 3MBPS
PLDT Plan 999, 1995, 3000 and 4000 (screen capture:

PLDT Home DSL High Speed Plan and Pricing

Plan 999

Up to 3 Mbps
Monthly Service Fee 999 pesos
Landline Monthly Service Fee: 700 pesos
Total Monthly Fee: 1,699 pesos

Plan 1995

Up to 5 Mbps
Monthly Service Fee 1995 pesos
Landline Monthly Service Fee: 700 pesos
Total Monthly Fee: 2,695 pesos

Plan 3000

Up to 8 Mbps
Monthly Service Fee 3000 pesos
Landline Monthly Service Fee: 700 pesos
Total Monthly Fee: 3,700 pesos

Plan 4000

Up to 10 Mbps
Monthly Service Fee 4000 pesos
Landline Monthly Service Fee: 700 pesos
Total Monthly Fee: 4,700 pesos

What's good with this PLDT DSL internet setup?

All of the above plans are under wired setup, they will install copper line going to your location. This is not your usual postpaid Wireless modem type like WiMax that is dependent on wireless networks or cellular sites. It's unlimited so you can download, stream and upload any file without limit not like wireless data where they have monthly cap based on their fair use policy (FUP).

Other options for PLDT myDSL

Aside from bundled landline and free modem/router, you can also upgrade you current monthly speed using their booster (Speedster) offer that is available on Plan 999. Enjoy additional 2Mbps on your current internet speed by just adding 149 pesos at 4GB bandwidth. Not just that, you can also add up a landline service like IDD, NDD and landline to cellphone calls. Another addition to their add-on service is the Cignal Digital TV channels when you apply to Triple Play Plan.

PLDT myDSL Home Application Process

You may apply at your nearest PLDT business office, see our list or you can apply online via You may need provide valid ID's like GSIS ID, Driver's License, Passport, Postal ID, Health Card, TIN ID, Voter's ID, SSS ID and AFP-PNP-Airforce ID.


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    pwede po ba pakilinaw po kung ano yung MB nayun, megabits ba o megabytes. yung totoo po


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