How to Reset Globe Aztech Modem DSL5018EN

Here's a quick instructions on how to reset your Aztech DSL5018EN modem from Globe to restore default settings, username and password and gain back access to the router page.
If you’re having trouble of logging your Aztech DSL5018EN router/modem from Globe or you forgot your assigned password, don't panic.
You can easily restore to it to default settings by doing a soft reset. Doing the reset will restore Globe default username and password for you to be able to access the router admin and user page again.

Globe Aztech DSL5018EN Reset
As we received a lot of issues from our previous post How to Change Wifi Password in Globe Aztech Modem/Router where user reported that he/she cannot open the router page.

Here’s how to reset you Aztech DSL5018EN

1. Unplug all connected wired devices
2. Turn the router upside down and look for the reset button (see image above)
3. Use paper clip to press the reset button
4. Wait till your router reboot. 


Resetting the router needs re-configuration, you may call Globe if you’re not familiar with settings of your router. 
Once reset is done, you can now user the default credential from Globe Aztech Router DSL5018EN. Credentials provided below for reference.

User account
Username: user
Password: user

Administrator account
Username: admin
Password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e

That’s it. Hope it help you guys. For questions you may post a comment below.


  1. hey i already did your suggestion but i didnt work


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