To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact Globe iPhone

Here's the workaround on 'To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact Globe'on your iPhone iOs device.
In my case I'm using a Globe Prepaid sim, I register to Globe Unlisurf Promo for internet browsing using iPhone 4.

The case is that I need to connect my laptop to the internet using iPhone Portable hotspot or tethering. When I try to enable the option on settings a message prompted 

o enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact Globe". I wonder why I need to call or contact Globe just to enable this as I'm not a postpaid user. I did some troubleshooting to resolve this issue like, updating it to latest version of iOS 8, reset to default network settings and turning on and off the phone.

iPhone Portable hotspot

After searching possible option to configure I found out that there is a separate APN settings if you want to enable portable hotspot on your iPhone. Upon checking on the Cellular Data Network there’s field for personal hotspot where you need to input the correct APN for prepaid users. In my case the current APN was "" I think that is why I was prompted by that message when enabling portable hotspot. To help you fix this problem, you may follow quick guide below.

Enable Portable Hotspot on iPhone 4/4s/5

Settings>Cellular> in Cellular Data should be turn on (in case LTe is available you can enable it too)
Scrolling down the Cellular menu you can see Cellular Data Network, tap it to see the current configurations.
MMSProxy: 203.42.214:8080
MMS Max Message Size:307200
Personal hotspot
Note: You should use prepaid APN on Personal hotspot, in my case I'm using Globe so I use For Smart, Sun Cellular and other networks, you can do the same procedure just make sure you're using their respective APN.
Once you're done with above settings you can now go back to Cellular menu
Tap on Personal hotspot>Swipe the switch on to enable your portable hotspot
On Wifi Password, set your desired WiFi hotspot password for security.
To change your Wifi hotspot name
Go to settings>General>then tap on About, on the Name field change it to your desired name e.g myiPhone Hotspot.


  1. I have an iPhone 6. I tried all these but it still doesn't work.

  2. Anonymous4/24/2015

    "Note: You should use prepaid APN on Personal hotspot, in my case I'm using Globe so I use"

    thanks! working

  3. Anonymous5/25/2015

    i tried every troubleshooting techniques i read on apple but none works. i am seriously annoyed to globe cause i cannot use hotspot on my prepaid sim but luckily i found this. thank you so much! IT WORKS!

  4. Anonymous6/12/2015

    Thanks! This really works!

  5. will try this at home. thank you for the info :)


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